2019 Obstacles Revealed

The engineers at Tough Mudder are absolutely obsessed with bringing the biggest, boldest, most incredible obstacles to the course. Year after year they work feverishly to make the impossible possible – it’s borderline insane. And this year, they’ve gone and done it again with this eruption of 10 new or updated obstacles invading every course in 2019. Check out what’s coming below and get your obstacle-crushing gameplan ready. We dare you.

Mudderhorn – New 2019 Signature Obstacle, TM Classic & 5K

The tallest obstacle ever seen on a Tough Mudder Challenge Series course means your best chance at conquering your fear of heights has arrived. Just don’t look down.

Augustus Gloop 2.0 – Updated Favorite, TM Classic Only

This claustrophobia inducing climb through high-pressure jets of water isn’t a just a fight to the top. It’s a fight against your own mind.

The Gauntlet – New 2019 Signature Obstacle, TM Classic Only

Long, strong, and ready to take some Mudders on. At over 100’ The Gauntlet is the longest obstacle Tough Mudder has ever built. It’s made up of four sections, each based on an iconic Tough Mudder obstacle, each testing something different.

Black Widow – New 2019 Signature Obstacle, TM Classic & 5K

You’ll be harnessing your spidey-sense big time on this series of 30’ long tightropes suspended over water. Stick to the rope, stick to your team, stick to any Mudder who gets too close.

Leap of Faith – Updated Favorite, TM Classic Only

Sometimes you just gotta have faith to conquer an obstacle, and leaping over a 6’ water-filled gap to a hanging rope net is gonna require some serious belief (in yourself).

Spread Eagle – New 2019 Obstacle, TM Classic Only

Drop it like it’s hot. Seriously though, you’re gonna want to drop down on all fours if you plan on crossing all 30’ of non-stop quivering, and quaking slackline without ending up in the drink.

Entrapment – New 2019 Obstacle, TM Classic Only

You’ll need to go full-on action hero to conquer Entrapment, with its low crawl through 30’ of ever-narrowing space. Dream big, Mudder, but stay grounded or risk getting zapped.

Hydrophobia – New 2019 Obstacle, TM Classic Only

Hydrophobia is as unique as it is fear-inducing. Test your courage as you crawl through a badass batch of claustrophobic, semi-submerged 20’ long blacked-out tubes.

Texas Hold ‘Em – New 2019 Obstacle, TM Classic & 5K

This straight-shootin’ obstacle is all about teamwork—and balance. To conquer this see-sawing triangular platform all you gotta do is grab a teammate, hold on tight, and do the Mudder Shuffle.

Tight Squeeze – New 2019 Obstacle, TM Classic & 5K

Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Take it back now, y’all. The only way to survive this down and dirty obstacle is to get small, slide under and through, and above all, embrace the mud.

And just in case you haven’t heard…

Elecroshock Therapy is coming back to the Tough Mudder Classic finish line

Don’t look now, but Electroshock Therapy is coming back to haunt your dreams as the Tough Mudder Classic finisher obstacle. That finisher beer is gonna taste even better with 10,000 volts pulsing through your body.

Level Up Lanes

Crank it up a notch, or take it down a peg. Whatever your fitness level you’ll be able to test your toughness like never before with all new Level Up lanes offering a range of difficulty options at select obstacles throughout the course. Stay tuned for more news on which obstacles will have Level Up Lanes, coming in January.