2019 Race Director Updates: Race Series

 We’ve got some important updates to announce for the coming year.  For a few years now, we’ve poured a lot of time and energy into the Tough Mudder Race series, and we’ve had some amazing results.  We’ve introduced three amazing competitive brands: Tougher Mudder, Toughest Mudder, and Tough Mudder X. We’re incredibly proud of the many hours of livestream and televised content of these events, which showcased incredible feats of athletic achievement.

In 2019, Tough Mudder is going back to its roots.  We’re going to focus on doing a few important things really well, most importantly putting on world-class events for Mudders around the globe.  For a few years now we’ve tried to do too many things at the same time. While we are proud of what’s been accomplished and all the amazing things that have transpired at events around the world, we recognize that at times we bit off a bit more than we could chew.  Now, what does this mean for these event series? Here are a few key highlights explained:

No prize money at Tougher, Toughest, and World’s Toughest Mudder events.

In 2019 we will refocus our energy to the core product and customer experience of these three brands, ensuring that we provide an enhanced event experience for all Mudders.  These event series aren’t going away, and if anything they’re getting better for everyone with improvements to obstacles, spectator experience, event amenities, and customer giveaways.  

Tough Mudder X is not currently scheduled for 2019.

Tough Mudder X was created in 2017 as a made-for-TV competition and part of Tough Mudder’s media partnership with CBS, which ended in 2018. We’re still working with potential media partners to explore a way to put a championship-level event on the calendar for later this year.  

 With that being said, there are many exciting Race Series developments coming for 2019, so let’s dig in!


Tougher Mudder Updates

Tougher Mudder will look and feel much like it did in 2018.  It will be the first wave of the day at 7:45am, and is the only competitive wave of the day.  All courses will be ONE LOOP of 8-10 miles, and participants will receive 10 miles towards their annual Holy Grail mileage for each Tougher Mudder event completed.  

 The top 3 male and female finishers will be recognized on the main stage in the Mudder Village in an award ceremony and earn a free registration for another Tougher Mudder event.  In addition, all participants in 2019 will receive the following:

  • Tougher Mudder bib
  • Tougher Mudder headband
  • T-shirt
  • NEW Tougher Mudder finisher medal


Toughest Mudder Updates

Toughest Mudder is getting a big overhaul for 2019.  We’ve upped the ante from 8 hours to 12 hours overnight with new mileage targets, new 2-person and 4-person team relay categories, an enhanced pit experience, and sweet new bonus prizes to boot.   

This year, all athletes will have access to a pit space to store belongings, set up tents, etc.  But let’s be honest – if you’re sleeping, you’re doing it wrong.

 All Toughest Mudder participants will receive: 

  • Toughest Mudder bib
  • Toughest Mudder headband
  • T-shirt
  • NEW Toughest Mudder finisher medal
  • NEW Mileage patch*

*Unlike last year, runners will now get a patch for the exact mileage completed during the event.  Each runner is only eligible for one patch corresponding to the highest mileage achieved at that event, so if you complete 45 miles, you get a 45 mile patch (not a 25, 30, 25, 40 AND a 45-mile patch).  Who needs that many patches anyway?


There are also updated mileage targets to qualify for Contender status at World’s Toughest Mudder 2019.  Athletes who complete the following mileage at a Toughest Mudder event in 2019 will qualify as Contenders:

  • Individual Female → 35 Miles
  • Individual Male → 40 Miles
  • 2-Person Team Relay → 45 Miles (team total, both athletes qualify)
  • 4-Person Team Relay → 45 Miles (team total, all athletes qualify) 

2019 Toughest Mudder Events are as follows:

  • May 18th → Toughest Mudder Midlands
  • May 18th → Toughest Mudder East – Philly
  • July 13th → Toughest Mudder Central – Twin Cities
  • September 21st → Toughest Mudder South – Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • October 19th → Toughest Mudder West – Las Vegas


2019 Holy Grail Updates

Back again in 2019, the Holy Grail will be the recognition of those athletes crazy enough to take on a Tougher, Toughest, and World’s Toughest Mudder event in a single calendar year. Following the tradition started in 2017, we will also be recognizing the top Male & Female who not only complete all three formats, but who are able to run the most total miles between the three formats in 2019.

New to the 2019 Holy Grail Program:

  • Holy Grail Champion Jacket (M/F winners only)
  • Holy Grail Champion Patch (M/F winners only)
  • 2020 All Access Pass (M/F winners only)
  • Holy Grail bib (everyone)


That’s all for now!  A lot to digest, but rest assured that we will be bringing it with some amazing competitive events this year, on top of the regular Tough Mudder Classic and 5k events.  We’ll see you in the mud,