4 Easter Challenges for your Lidl Bunnies

Easter has sprung up on us this year, and with the kids out of school it can be difficult to think of activities to keep your Lidl Mudders in the Easter Spirit over the holidays. Don’t worry, our friends at Lidl GB have treated us with some fun-filled Easter activities to get your Lidl’uns hopping around, even after the egg hunt is over.

Egg-cellent Obstacle Hunt

A good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt, but mudderised. As our Lidl’uns love a challenge, incorporate Easter-inspired obstacles along the way, such as a bunny ladder hop, or an egg and spoon race, to ensure the kids are burning off some of that extra chocolate-fueled Easter energy. You can even use those empty Easter egg boxes to create your very own Lidl Mudder obstacles in or outdoors.

Lidl Bake Off

Keep your Lidl Mudders busy this Easter with an Easter inspired bake off. Get the whole family involved and challenge them to see who can create the best chocolate Easter nest. Easter nests are one of the easiest, and most creative ways to lift your Lidl’uns Easter spirits, and they’re super delicious. All you need is some melted milk chocolate, shredded wheat, and your favourite mini eggs and Easter treats to decorate the top. May the best Lidl baker win.

Crackin’ O’Clock

It’s egg decorating time for your Lidl Mudders. The perfect addition to brighten up your window-sill or coffee table over Easter, and an easy way to keep the kids occupied for the afternoon. So, time to get cracking. 

You will need:  

  • Fresh box of eggs
  • A safety pin
  • A toothpick
  • A straw
  • A measuring jug
  • Decorating materials (pens, glitter and all that jazz)


  1. Firstly, hold your egg still in the box, and carefully use your safety pin to make a hole in the top of the egg. Push the pin in as far as you can to widen the hole. 
  2. Take your toothpick and insert it into the hole. Then, scramble up the egg inside using the toothpick. 
  3. Next up, make a second hole with your safety pin by turning the egg upside down and creating a similar hole on the opposite side. You know the drill, insert your toothpick again and give the egg an extra scramble with your toothpick.
  4. Time to blow out those eggs. Grab your measuring jug and straw, and remove the contents of the egg by carefully blowing into the hole using your straw. 
  5. Clean up your shell by running it under some hot water, wipe it down with kitchen roll and then leave out to dry.  Whilst you’re waiting for your shell to dry, take a little break and use the leftover egg mixture for a lunchtime omelette. Egg-cellent.
  6. Decorating time. Use your pens and glitter and get creative with your designs. You can even mudderise your egg by using a pen or some felt to give it a Lidl Mudder headband.

Hop to it

Eggs-ercise time. With all that extra chocolate-fuelled energy, it’s time to get your Lidl Mudders outside, and put those Easter eggs to good use. Easter Bunny tag is similar to your traditional game of tag, but with a little bit of added Easter spirit. Instead of running, your Lidl Mudders have to hop. If you forget to hop, you’re now automatically ‘it’. Like every game of tag, the more bunnies the better. Add a little bit of Easter fun and use cotton balls to make your very own bunny tail, it will make you hop even quicker.

Completed our Easter Inspired Challenges and want more? Don’t worry, we’ve got your Lidl’uns covered. Simply download your free Lidl Mudder Challenges Guide featuring 20 unique, fun-filled challenges to keep the kids busy at home this Easter.

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