4 Ways to Get Motivated Today

Fall can be a tough time to stay motivated. Daylight gets shorter while things get busier; kids go back to school, work picks up after summer. It’s not easy to fit fitness into an already packed schedule. We’re all familiar with the vicious cycle: you miss the gym for a week, then you feel too out of the swing of things to go the next week.

Here at TMHQ, we’re in full swing of the 2014 season. We’ve got 10 events still to put on this year, so there’s no time to get lazy. We’ve got an idea or two about how to stay motivated through the winter months, and we’re gonna share them with you. Whether you’re a Mudderling or a Tough Mudder, these 4 tips will help you get motivated, right now.

1. Set Small Goals

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine doing big things – like running 12 miles at once. But you don’t have to envision the whole pie, first set your sights on one piece. Set a goal of running one mile, without stopping, within the next week. On course, you’ll have obstacles breaking up your run time, so one mile at a time works great.


2. Follow a Program

Motivating yourself is hard enough as it is, you don’t need to add creating a workout to your plate. We recommend following a program, like our training plan, or going to your local gym and joining a 6 week bootcamp class.


3. Make Friends Join You

Sure, you could look in a mirror and PUMP YOURSELF UP everyday. But in the event that doesn’t work, you could call your best friend, who’s also been complaining about how they’re too busy to stay fit, and commit to something together.



Don’t read this and think, “Ok great, I’ll put these tips in motion next week, as soon as I finish this project, or my kids get through this sports game”. Get up, NOW. Get out of your chair and go for a walk, so that you can go for a jog tomorrow, and maybe a run the next day.

Because no matter how vicious this cycle may feel, you can break it. Right now. All you gotta do is start.