D’Ice Challenge

Congratulations on making it to the final week of Tough Mudder Challenges 2020. As a special treat we’ve put together our favourite exercises of 2020 for this workout (that’s what you wanted for Christmas, right?). All you will need to complete the workout are a couple of dice (if you only have 1, that will work) and the D’Ice Workout Chart (below).

To begin, roll 2 dice. This number will determine what exercise you will do (example if you roll an 11 you will do Lateral Jumps). You will then roll the assigned number of dice for the workout you rolled. The sum of the dice you rolled will be the number of reps you will do (example for lateral jumps you will roll 3 dice, if the 3 dice show 3,4,2, you will do a total of 9 reps of this exercise). This is one set. To complete the challenge do a minimum of 10 total sets.

Level Up: Continue rolling the dice and do the associated exercise until you have done each exercise at least once (rolled 2 through 12 a minimum of 1 time)

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