Meet Chris Goodwin, an Inspirational Tough Mudder

To complete a Tough Mudder is to test one’s resilience and mental fortitude just as much as one’s fitness. For some, the event is a way to push a person to his/her limits, and for others it’s a way to put life in perspective. Those who can complete a Tough Mudder experience intense gratitude, as they realize that some people can’t.

13 years ago, after open heart surgery, Chris Goodwin was told that he could no longer run or workout. What the doctors didn’t know is that they awakened in Chris a dedication that can’t be matched by most humans. Fast forward to today, and Chris has gone out and crushed THREE Tough Mudders.

We were lucky enough to speak with Chris and hear what he had to say about his own recovery and his experiences with Tough Mudder.

The ‘Aha’ Moment OR ‘The Obstacle’:

“Doctors and everyone telling me that I’ll never be able to run or do any form of intense exercise again. Once someone tells you that you can’t do something it creates a drive in you to prove them wrong. Tough Mudder was the perfect event to compete in as I was able to do it surrounded by life long friends who always supported me.”

Transforming Into a Tough Mudder:

“The first event is something I’ll always remember. It was so much fun and at the same time so challenging. When I finished I said to myself and my friends that I’m doing this every year. The feeling you get when you cross that finish line is something you don’t get anywhere else, it’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment. It also helped me realize that I can do whatever I want and nothing can stop me.”

Words to Live By:

“Never let someone tell you that you can’t do something. If they do, prove them wrong. Perspective is something I’ve been blessed with and many people don’t have, but I can tell you as someone who knows tomorrow isn’t promised, make today worth all it can be. Take risks, do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do because if you don’t you’ll regret it one day.”

Chris is an inspiration to us all — those who have done Tough Mudders and those who haven’t. He has shown us that we can all overcome obstacles if we set our minds to it and surround ourselves with supportive individuals. The resilience Chris has shown is motivational, and he certainly embodies the Tough Mudder spirit.