Next Level Team Building: Customize Your Corporate Team Experience in 2016

Whether you’re racing to meet a deadline or running through our 10-12 mile obstacle course as a team, working toward a common goal has a knack for bringing people together. 

More than a one-day event, Tough Mudder Corporate Team journey’s start the moment you sign up and doesn’t stop til well after you cross the finish line. Train together, crush the course together, and sip on the best beer to ever hit your lips as you reminisce about the epic ass-kicking you just tackled as a team.

In addition to the usual Corporate Team bells and whistles, this year we wanted to kick up the experience a notch (okay, maybe more like 10 notches). How? We’re all about innovation, team building, and thinking outside of the box and because nothing feelings better than kicking up your muddy feet for post-event pampering we invite you to take a trip here, the mecca of mud, to sit down in the Corporate Teams Think Tank to brainstorm what exactly that looks like.


The Think Tank is where you and your team can kick back, relax, and get your creative juices flowing (Shock Top in hand, of course) as you plan your ultimate post-event private party. Personal karaoke booth? Dunk tank? Masseuse? DJ to spin your favorite beats? No request is too crazy (trust us). Whatever you dream up, we can make happen. Sharing your on-course experience with your entourage of spectators in a private tent after crossing the finish line will create the ultimate muddy memory. 

While you’re here, check out what goes on behind the scenes, talk shop about our newest obstacles and get down to business on how to make your event even more epic.

We’re all for unconventional and life-changing experiences that’ll bond your team beyond the white walls. Check out our Corporate Teams page, sign up for a 2016 event, and start creating your post-event bucket list now.