TM Insta Contest: 10 Amazing #TMPride Photo

With the 2014 Tough Mudder season comes to an end, we want to relive some of your favorite moments from 2014. Every weekend we are hosting a #TMInstaContest on our Instagram page. Use the weekend’s hashtag for your chance to be featured here on our blog, with the best photo winning a ticket to a Tough Mudder 2015 event.

This weekend we asked what Mudders what they were most proud of about their Tough Mudder experience. We received some amazing #TMPride submissions from all over the world. Here are some highlights:

10. @kjgrant311

Showing a little #TMPride for the #TMInstaContest@tough_mudder in Maine was such a blast that I had to run the course twice!! On the second lap, even though I could have skipped it as a #legionnaire, I went through the#ElectroTherapy and got zapped and got a little muddy haha. When life doesn’t go perfectly, get up and own the moment. It’s easy when you #dowhatyouloveand #lovewhatyoudo.

9. @melkalicious85

Was at the base for a good 20 minutes as the only girl. #imabadass#TMinstaContest #TMPride

8. @krypto_nate_

30 miles. 138 Obstacles. Over 4800 feet in elevation gain. Next year I’ll double those numbers. #wtm2014 #muddernation #worldstoughestmudder #tmpride #tminstacontest

7. @kristina_perrelli

#TMPride is coming back for more and bringing friends #MudderNation#TMInstaContest @tough_mudder

6. @fit_beachbody_mama

Im a 7X Tough mudder, World’s Toughest Mudder, and have volunteered at many events. No matter if your a contender or a volunteer you are important and become part of an amazing #toughmudderfamily. I know already posted a lot about WTM, but I just really want to thank all the volunteers at #wtm2014 for their continues encouragement. At one point in the cold night I just broke down with the sled pull penalty. There was this one lady just walking by saw how exhausted I was and stayed with me the whole 45min she real helped me push through after that I couldn’t control my tears not sure if I was crying cause I was in pain, felt so accomplished, or the fact that I almost got disqualified and pushed through it. I ran #WTM alone but couldn’t have done it without my#mudderfamily …. Training for next year need to redeem myself on this course. #toughmudder #mudrun #muddernation #MUDDERFORLIFE

5. @adeptbrunette

There is NOTHING like #TMPride. Friends championing one another to do more, be better, embrace fear, push through, dig in, have fun, laugh and celebrate that HUGE accomplishment after crossing that finish line.#mudderlegion #bleedorange #toughmudder #MUDDER4LIFE

4. @mabbit

#TMPride new recruit! Soon you will have your headband little mudlet.#TMInstaContest #fitcouple #toughmudderireland #toughmudderscotland #TM2015

3. @worstbirthdate

70 total regular Tough Mudders (48 in 2014 = World Record, 22 in 2013). 2 World’s Toughest Mudders (65 miles in 2014, 55 miles in 2013). One big obsession. #TMPride

2. @jsorvillo

Uncle and father carry son…that’s a tough mudder family #TMPride

1. And the winner is: @becca_leigh87 

Trekking through a mile of mud, #challenging. Jumping into a commercial dumpster of ice water, #enlightening. Jumping off of a plank over 15 ft into water, #terrifying. Accomplishing #ToughMudder2014 with the support and motivation of my husband and friends, #priceless#TMPride #TMInstaContest#readyforTM2015

Thanks to everyone for submitting photos. Stay tuned to our our Instagram page Friday for this weekend’s theme.