TM Insta Contest: Top 10 #MudMile2014 Pics

With the 2014 Tough Mudder season comes to an end, we want to relive some of your favorite moments from 2014. Every weekend we are hosting a #TMInstaContest on our Instagram page. Use the weekend’s hashtag for your chance to be featured here on our blog, with the best photo winning a ticket to a Tough Mudder 2015 event.

This weekend we asked Mudders to share their best #MudMile2014 photo. We saw team pictures, mud faces, mud shoes, and mud baths, to name a few. Here are 10 of our favorites:

10. @king_michaelj

Mud is essential time to time. #MudMile2014

9. @andrea_dicunzolo

#MudMile2014 #toughmudder really wanna win that free ticket!

8. bailey_goat

#TMInstaContest #MudMile2014 We call this the “Evolution of Man” Poconos TM 2014

7. @j1mm3r5

#TMInstacontest #MudMile2014 Dublin was a very muddy occasion. Wish me luck!! Hope this is worthy of a win  @tough_mudder #teamhellyeah #Dublin

6. @igetbent_jeff


5. @jenn_ay85

#MudMile2014 #TMInstaContest #myhappyplace Having way too much fun. 

4. @jlpdprinter

Helped her through #MudMile2014 and she admired my booty. #TMInstaContest

3. @forestsurfer

Apparently this is the correct way to enter the mud. #MudMile2014

2. @aarons_mudder

#TMInstaContest #MudMile2014 #TMNorthwest

1. And the winner is: @will_cattermole

Think my Mud Mile picture from TM Scotland is a worthy winner. We pay for mud, we get mud. Make the most of it 🙂 #MudMile2014 #TMInstaContest

Thanks to everyone for submitting photos. Stay tuned to our our Instagram page Friday for this weekend’s theme.