Tough Mudder Endurance Training

Allison Tai, two-time World’s Toughest Mudder silver medalist and multi-time Endurance Series podium finisher, has signed on as the new head coach of Tough Mudder’s Endurance Series training programs. Racers will have access to an official training program, to get personalized instruction from one of the top all-time WTM pros. 

If you’re taking on a 12-hour Toughest Mudder or the grand kahuna of all obstacle course racing: World’s Toughest Mudder, the opportunity to train with a pro and learn the insider endurance, strength and nutrition secrets is an opportunity too good to pass up. 


Allison Tai is a 10-year Tough Mudder Legionnaire, earning her first headband and Whistler 2011. Catching the bug, she took her background in endurance running and applied it to the emerging sport of obstacle course racing, quickly becoming a fixture on Tough Mudder and Spartan podiums. 

Allison went on to top the WTM podium three times, and rack up countless Tougher and Toughest Mudder podium finishes. She’s an accomplished running, strength and obstacle racing coach and brings an impressive blend of real-life racing experience with academic training and nutrition knowledge. 

A short list of her credentials:

  • WTM 2018 3rd Place
  • WTM 2017 2nd Place
  • WTM 2014 2nd Place
  • 3x 1st Place Toughest Gold medals
  • 3x 2nd Place Toughest Silver medals
  • Spartan SGX Level 2 Certified Coach
  • Personal Training Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Level One
  • NCCP Triathlon Coach
Allison Tai


Over the span of the 12 weeks leading up to the event, Toughest Mudder training program members will take on a progressive program of strength, endurance and skills based training, designed to keep them going on course for 12-hours straight.  Adaptable to all starting fitness levels, the program provides a practical approach to building up mileage, developing specific obstacle-related skills and strengthening core and upper body muscle groups needed to complete the event. 

Participants will receive a weekly plan via email and daily coaching tips and accountability directly from Allison in a private online community, where they’ll be able to support and meet other Mudders training for their event. 

Programs start 12 weeks out from each Toughest event, and is recommended you’re registered at least 2 weeks in advance of the program start to ensure you receive the prep and welcome emails prior to starting your training. 

Start on the Toughest Training Programs today.


Completed over 16 weeks leading up to WTM 2021 in Laughlin, NV, there are two tracks for the WTM Training Program. 

The NEW TO WTM track is designed for first time WTM participants or those looking to build an initial foundation aimed at completing the event. If you’re comfortable with basic fitness fundamentals, the 16-week program will provide you with the endurance, strength and skills base to keep you moving through the event and ensure you earn that black headband when the sun comes up on Sunday morning. If you’ve been on the fence about committing to WTM– Allison’s first-timer plan is the support and accountability you’ve been looking for to ensure your survival on race day. 

The 50 MILE CLUB program is designed to prepare you for the coveted Brown Bib, signifying to the world that you’ve completed at least 50 miles in 24 hours. For racers with existing WTM or endurance event experience, this program is an intermediate level preparation designed to expand your endurance, sharpen your strength and teach expert-level obstacle skills to keep you moving on course for 24 hours. Participants will be guided through building a 24-hour race and nutrition plan, with Allison’s personal expertise and experience. 

Similar to the Toughest program, all WTM training program members will receive weekly workout and training plans, and daily live coaching and accountability from Allison in the private online community. We’ve also got some additional on-site perks in the works for training program members, including a pre-race prep session with Allison in Laughlin.

WTM Training Programs starts on July 25.