What is the Tough Mudder Endurance Series?

Welcome to the 2022 Endurance Series – Tough Mudder’s innovative take on competitive endurance events. With each of the three events in the series – Tough Mudder Infinity, Toughest Mudder, and World’s Toughest Mudder – athletes are challenged to run as many obstacle course laps as they can within a fixed period of time.

Tough Mudder Infinity is the perfect entry point to the series, challenging athletes to run as many kilometers as they can within 8 hours, with the freedom to choose between 5k and 15k courses for each lap. Not into running for 8-hours straight? No sweat (well…probably some sweat, but we digress) – athletes can take as long as they need between laps, with full access to the Tough Mudder Village. Participants will need to knock out 20km during the event to earn their finisher medal, but additional achievement awards are earned beginning at 30km. Meanwhile, top athletes will be chasing after the most prestigious award: a 60km gold medallion.

For those who prefer to do their running after sunset, Toughest Mudder offers the next challenge in the Endurance Series – giving athletes 12 hours overnight to complete as many laps of a 10km course as possible. Between laps, athletes will have full access to the Pit Area, where they’ll have a dedicated pit space for tents, gear, and nutrition. Official Finishers will have to fit in a minimum of 20km overnight, in addition to being on-site when the start line closes at 7am on Sunday.

Rounding out our trio of timed challenges is World’s Toughest Mudder – Tough Mudder’s marquee event at the end of the season. Every November, the Tough Mudder community gathers to answer one question: how far are they willing to go? Over the course of 24-hours, athletes take on lap after lap of a 5-mile course, jam-packed with some of Tough Mudder’s most innovative obstacles. At the center of the event is the WTM Pit – a tent-village filled to the brim with aspirational stories and mental grit. Athletes have to stick it out until at least 8am to be considered Official Finishers (and to earn the associated swag) – but for those determined to push it to the wire, sunrise is just the beginning.

Tying the Endurance Series together is the Holy Grail – a pinnacle achievement for participants that officially finish all three of the Endurance Series events within the same calendar year. Athletes that successfully earn the Holy Grail will receive a custom 9” steel chalice, with custom inlays to fit each of their finisher medals. The bragging rights are just an added bonus.

Interested and need support? Look no further than Tough Mudder Training, where we have Allison Tai (tenured Tough Mudder Endurance badass) as your coach to give you the plan to crush your Endurance goals. These plans start 12 weeks out from your event.

If you want an Endurance route that has you giving back to a great cause, the Infinite Hero Honor Challenge is for you. Take unique missions, over the course of 8-10 hours out in the mud with fellow Mudders who are also helping raise critical funds to help support our US Veterans. This is the ultimate give back challenge for 2022.

Bottom line: Tough Mudder has you covered when it comes to testing your abilities on our world-famous obstacles. Where will you choose to give it all?

See you in the mud.