Tougher Together: An Update About COVID-19

Mudder Nation:

Our world is facing an unprecedented obstacle.  Many of us find ourselves quarantined at home, caring for our kids, trying to stay connected, concerned for our livelihood. Many more of us bravely exited our front door this morning– as teachers, healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, civil servants– into a world that is seemingly changing by the minute.  We’re all likely feeling a little anxious, a little fearful– and uncertain of what is to come. 

Many of you have conquered a Tough Mudder course before. And some of you likely stood at our start line– feeling a little anxious, maybe a little fearful and uncertain of what was to come. You heard the words of Sean Corvelle reminding you– that with teamwork, courage and a heavy dose of mental grit, you could face your fears and get it done. Together. As a team. 

This is a time that Tough Mudder values ring more true than ever.

The only way to defeat this pandemic is by working together – and Mudders know how to do that better than anyone else. In this strange time, in many ways, we have an opportunity to be even more connected. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the best of our inspirational stories, at-home fitness plans, recipes to try while you’re quarantined, contests, DIY backyard obstacles– and the occasional meme to lighten the mood. Join us @toughmudder on Facebook and @tough_mudder on Instagram to be a part of the conversation.

We’re working to proactively push the start of our season back into the summer to ensure that we’re doing our part to help #FlattenTheCurve. Our scheduled US season kickoff in Virginia May 30-31 will be postponed until August 29-30, and we now plan to start the season in Twin Cities in July. All registered Virginia participants have received an email  this morning confirming new details. Please be patient with our Mudder Services team, who are all working remotely and managing customer care for multiple rescheduled events around the world.

A few months from now, we’ll all be back in the mud, leaving our everyday stresses behind and connecting with teammates and strangers alike. Set your sights on our start line as the light at the end of this tunnel.  

We are Tougher Together.
Kyle McLaughlin

Event Postponement Announcements

Twin Cities – July 10 & 11, 2021

Colorado – Date TBD, 2021

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